The Last Kitchen


Garlic Bread
Baguette homemade garlic butter
大蒜面包 $10
Soup of the Day
Served with Bread
Broccoli cheese bite
Served with Sweet chili sauce
西兰花和奶酪叮咬 $12
Tempura Prawns
With sweet chili mayo
天妇罗虾 $15


Rice Noodles with Seasonal Vegetables
Seasonal vegetable stir fry with rice noodles soy sauce and aromatic spices, mung bean
米粉蔬菜 $27
Sizzling Chicken
Tequila white pepper rosemary brunt garlic infused chicken herb potatoes served on sizzler
铁板鸡  $28
6 hours slow cooked goat prime meat tomato mushroom oregano parmesan over long pasta
山羊面食  $28
Pork Belly slow cooked orange tamarind apple cider reduction carrot apple slaw
Pork Ribs Chili maple bourbon glazed slow cooked ribs two duo served with fries
五花肉 or 排骨  $28
Beef Steak 250 gm (gf)
Silver fern ribeye Served w onion crisp
Add on extra额外Steak fries $5 Red chimichurri sauce or Herb Butter $3 each
牛排  $30
Beef Rump
vodka blood orange reduction fluffy mash
牛臀  $30
Lamb Rump (gf)
Seared rump of Central Otago Alpine Merino with rosemary, mint glaze homemade hummus
羊臀  $30
Middle eastern spices crusted Pan-fried fish fillet w fries and tartare Lemon(gf)
Mac sassy red beer Battered fish fillet W fries, tartare sauce Lemon
(锅炒) or (鱼和薯条)  $29
Seafood Noodle
Wok tossed vegetables, noodles with New Zealand green lip mussels, fish chunks, prawns
海鲜面条  $34

Burger and Fries

Marino Lamb Mince Pattie
Caramelized onion lettuce tomato peri-peri mayo
羊肉漢堡  $24
Chicken Pattie
Packed with Cajun spices burnt onion tomato lettuce BBQ sauce
雞肉漢堡 $24

Small Sides 主菜配菜

Mash potatoes 土豆泥  $9
Seasonal salad 沙拉  $11
Potato fries w tomato sauce 土豆薯条  $9
Kumara fries W Mayo $9 甘薯薯条  $9
Chickpea Falafel ball hummus over salad $12


Creamy pasta parmesan w Green 意大利麵  $15
Chicken Nuggets & Fries 鸡块  $15
Broccoli Bites & Fries $15


Old fashioned prune cake
Warm cake vanilla coconut cream
西梅蛋糕 $12
Tiramisu cake W coco dusting
Affogato Expresso vanilla short crust
Add shot of bailey’s, Kahlua $5
提拉米苏 $12
Chocolate mud cake
Chocolate sauce whipping cream cherry
巧克力蛋糕  $12
Berry Compote Crumble Sundae
Vanilla Berry Compote Crumble cherry
冰淇淋  $12

Note: -one payment per table. Maximum three spilt on request. Extra sauces will be charged. Menu design for per person from starts to desserts. Swapping of item will not applicable. Excessive sharing plates may charge.